Rich & Luxurious



Achieve Luxury

Discerning craftsmen have been using cherry for centuries. Some of the finest homes have long been adorned by cherry furniture and mill-work.


Cherry wood gives an added richness to the home interior seldom accomplished with other wood species. So if you're trying to achieve a luxurious look in your kitchen space, look no further than solid cherry.



The Value Equation

As with most upgrades, businesses view them as opportunities to up-sell and gain a higher margin. At Pizo Kitchens we simply add the extra cost incurred for the cherry with no extra markup.

What this means for you is that if cherry is your species of choice, it will cost much less at Pizo than elsewhere.


Rich Finish

Cherry cabinet doors are highly valued for their depth and richness of grain and colour, a fact that is widely regarded.

The colour spectrum available with cherry is quite broad, allowing you to achieve colours from light reddish brown to espresso. If a rich deep feel is what you are after, then cherry is likely what you are looking for


Resale Value

A new cherry wood kitchen in your home, is like upgrading to leather seats in your new car.

When selling your home, cherry cabinetry is the upgrade that will put your money back in your pocket and help your home to sell.