Classic Elegance



Classic Look

Painted cabinet doors have been used in homes for hundreds of years. Their classic look is still present in today's modern homes and doesn't seem to be going out of style anytime soon!

If you like a soft elegant feel in your kitchen, then painted doors are probably a good choice for you.




One of the most popular looks we've seen in the kitchen industry has been the use of contrast in materials.

Using different textures and finishes can create a feel in a room that is hard to achieve any other way.

The silky smooth look of painted cabinets paired with the contrast of a natural wood, has been a staple look that our customers keep coming back to year after year.



What image comes to mind when you think about painting cabinet doors?

Whatever you imagine, it probably couldn't be farther from reality. Our kitchen cabinet doors are finished in one of the most advanced pieces of equipment in the industry. Ensuring top quality at every level of production.



We are proud to offer you 48  paint colour and door style combinations.

With off-whites and greys becoming more and more popular each year, you won't have trouble finding the right shade for your unique space.

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