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1991 was the year Christian Valley Furniture opened it's doors. It was a small company that offered a variety of woodworking and construction services to it's local consumers. With demand growing in the furniture industry, Christian Valley Furniture expanded and broke ground for their new manufacturing plant in 1994.

Homestead Furnishings was born and with the new facility came increased production and an expanded product line. A large addition was constructed in the years to follow and by the year 2000, Homestead Furnishings was supplying furniture to retail stores all across Ontario. and was a local supplier for Manchester's Sleep Center (North Bay).

While furniture plants were going bankrupt across the continent, Homestead introduced a new product and made necessary improvements to compete with offshore competition. The year 2007 marked the most significant time in the companies history, when the entire facility was devastated by fire.

Pizo Kitchens was built up on the remaining slab, and out of the ashes rose a new facility, soon to be filled with advanced machinery. The aim was switched from bedroom furniture to kitchen cabinetry but the integrity and strong company values remained the same.

Pizo has been pushing the envelope in many areas ever since, constantly exploring the most current materials and innovations within the cabinet industry.

We are always looking for ways to improve our business and in doing so, we hope to offer excellent products, competitive prices, great value and pleasant business experiences to everyone we come in contact with.

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