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  • Is Pizo Kitchens a family business?
    Yes we are a family owned and operated business 🙂 Our company is comprised of two generations totalling 5 family members that all bring unique ideas and abilities to the table. Even our 'non-family' members have been working with us for lengthy periods of time (some over 25 years)!
  • Do you build your own cabinets?
    Yes! All of our cabinets are custom built in our manufacturing facility in Powassan Ontario. Cabinet parts are CNC machined to exact specifications and hand assembled by our longtime shop crew. Each component is carefully loaded into our own delivery truck, and brought into your home by the same people that put the cabinets together.
  • Are custom cabinets expensive?
    In our 16 year history, we have found it quite common for our main competitors to charge between 2.5K - 12K more for the same size kitchen. At Pizo, you won't be pressured to spend more or be pushed to buy something you don't want. We're not here to up-sell gadgets, we sell beautiful, functional cabinets that will last you a very long time. When it comes to day to day living or the resale value of your property, the kitchen is the most important room in your home. Make sure your investment is justified by getting your cabinets from a company that understands how to add value as opposed to just filling up wall space.
  • What's your lead time?
    This is probably the most common question we get, and we wish we had a more concrete answer! The two factors that contribute to our 'lead time' are: - How far ahead our installs are booked into the future? - How long is it taking to bring in the specific materials to build your kitchen? So depending on when you decide to contact us, your install will either be determined by how busy we are at the time, or by how long it is going to take to bring your custom materials in. It's a fairly safe bet that you can expect to be able to have your cabinetry installed in 3 - 4 months from the time of purchase. Sometimes we have openings that allow for shorter wait times, but the opposite can be true as well.
  • Can someone help me with questions about design?
    Yes! PIZO has been designing beautiful kitchens of all shapes and sizes for 16 years! With a 26 year history in furniture and home construction prior to that. When you talk with our design experts, you're not just talking to someone who took a 6 month design course. We have extensive knowledge in our field with decades of practical experience in the industry. That being said, we understand that most of our customers are renovating for the first time and planning out a kitchen is a very personal undertaking. Our lead designer is a very skilled listener and knows how to help you solve any design problems you might be up against.
  • What's included in my free estimate?
    You may be familiar with terms like 'price per sq/ft or lineal foot price'. At Pizo we stay away from pricing gimmicks that are designed to make the initial price look more appealing, only to let you down with hidden charges later on. Our quotes include all kitchen cabinet materials, hardware, counter-tops, labour, delivery and full installation. *Stone counter-tops are priced separately from the kitchen cabinetry so you can see a convenient break down of costs. When you receive your personalized quote from us, you can be confident that nothing has been purposely left out. When you decide to move ahead with Pizo, all your costs are guaranteed upfront.
  • Do your cabinet doors and drawers have soft close?
    Yes. Every cabinet we build comes standard with soft closure. The only exception would be if a cabinet requires a special type of hardware that does not permit soft closure to function properly. That being said, 95% of the cabinetry we offer would not fall into this special category and would have the soft close feature built in.
  • I have a hard time visualizing. What will my kitchen look like?
    We use advanced CAD Software that allows us to take exact measurements from your space, and design custom units that will fit your home perfectly. Another great service we offer are lifelike 3D renderings of your cabinets. So you can see how your kitchen will look before purchasing!
  • How long will it take to install my kitchen?
    Our average kitchen install takes 2 1/2 days. If there are stone counter-tops in the kitchen, the walls and base cabinetry are templated, and the stone tops are installed 5 - 10 business days later (this process is typical within the industry). We do our best to keep any other trades informed so that you are back up and running asap.
  • What happens if something goes wrong during install?
    We use software to track the progress of every job we start. From ordering the handles, to machining cabinet parts, to installing the last piece of crown moulding. With integrity at our core, we strive to meet your expectations and that means finishing the job! We don't require final payment until the entire kitchen is installed and you are satisfied.
  • What is your payment policy?
    Once all details are finalized and you approve the job, you give a 50% deposit to order materials and start production. When your entire kitchen is built and delivered into your home, you make a 40% payment to begin the installation. The final 10% balance is only due once the entire project is complete 😉 Sometimes the 40% and 10% are paid together on the same day with smaller kitchens, but typically the stone counter-tops are the last part of installation. They need to be templated before fabrication and can be put in several days after the cabinetry is finished.
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